End of the "ASEM Dialogue Facility Support" Project



Project overview 

The project “ASEM Dialogue Facility Support” was a demand-driven programme, which contributed to the “ASEM Dialogue Facility” (the European Commission (EC) instrument) through various technical assistance activities.

The ASEM Dialogue Facility Support project was funded under the EU Multi-Annual Programmes for Asia II (2011-2013), and provided assistance to the 4th phase of the ASEM Dialogue Facility (ASEM Dialogue Facility IV).

The project composed of a team of 3 key experts (Team Leader, Communication Expert and Administrative Assistant) was implemented for a period of 44 months from 1 December 2012 to 31 July 2016. 



Summary of results and achievements

The ASEM Dialogue Facility Support IV project played an important role in facilitating the EU contribution and support to the official ASEM process

  • by fielding expertise, 
  • organising logistics for meetings and conferences, 
  • supporting experts and human resources, 
  • sponsoring Asian ASEM developing countries participation to the ASEM events,
  • organising studies and analysis on the issues related to ASEM process, 
  • and ensuring communication and visibility of the process and the EU as part of the ASEM process.


Under this phase, the particular approach of the EU was to facilitate dialogue between Europe and Asia by promoting increased ownership of Asia ASEM developing countries in the process.  

Against this background, the ASEM Dialogue Facility IV, implemented under this service contract, has proved to fully achieve its overall objective “to contribute to the Asia-Europe collaboration on a global partnership for sustainability” as well as its specific purpose “to enhance partnership between ASEM partners by contributing to the official ASEM process in a number of fields relevant to ASEM partners, and in particular to ASEM developing countries”.

In total, there were 34 activities implemented under this project, compared to 32 expected/targeted indicators as stated in the ToR, comprising of 30 dialogue forums/meetings/events under Activity 1 & 4 studies under Activity 2, compared to the expected results of 20 dialogue forums/meetings/events and 12 studies. However, Activities 3 – 5 were horizontal activities which were implemented throughout the project period.


And the follow up of this project will be implemented by our newly awarded project “ADVANCING EU’S ROLE IN MULTILATERAL FORA IN ASIA”
more news to come soon! 



Published 06/02/2017




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