Celebrating 10 years of Support to EU Election Missions Worldwide


Transtec and its partners continue to support the European Union (EU) in the implementation of its Election Observation Missions (EOMs) and in the provision of targeted electoral support worldwide.

The EU electoral support is delivered through a Framework Contract instrument consisting of two distinct lots.

The first lot deals with Election Observation Missions (EOMs) and Election Assessment Teams (EATs) and ensures the implementation of their logistical, security, financial and administrative aspects. The EUEOMs are at the core of the EU foreign policy interventions and are a significant instrument of EU visibility worldwide.

Since the signature of the new round of the EU global framework contract (FWC) Lot 1 EOMs on 01/01/2017, six specific EOM contracts in all continents were implemented by Transtec. The missions concerned: Timor-Leste (2017), Kosovo (2017), El Salvador Legislative (2018), Lebanon (2018), Madagascar (ongoing) and El Salvador Presidential (ongoing). 

The second lot provides, via individual assignments defined and contracted through Specific Contracts, short-term expertise to support electoral processes, notably Exploratory (ExM), Election Experts (EEM) and Election Follow-up Missions (EFM)  in partner countries’ electoral process in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific region. 

Under this lot contract Transtec and its partners have ensured the realisation of six missions: an EEM in Cambodia, an ExM in Angola , an ExM in Kosovo, an EU EFM in Burkina Faso, an EU ExM Madagascar and an EU EEM Mozambique.

In both cases the quality of the services provided is based on very robust technical skills and resources embedded in the company DNA and a sound knowledge of the Electoral Management Cycle. Indeed Transtec is involved in such mission since the beginning of 2009.

Moving forward, Transtec is  pleased to announce the extension of the two FWCs for another year as from January 2019. 

We are also moving forward in following closely the recent improvement of the EU new code of conduct in EU election missions that includes notably a robust anti-harassment policy for all staff (national and international) involved in such missions.



Published on 21/12/2018

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