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Five members of Transtec staff, from both the Monitoring & Evaluation department and the Elections department, as well as one of our independent experts, participated in a three day-long HEAT training between the 27th and 29th of March 2019. 

This training enabled our staff to have an appreciation of the risks and threats associated with missions and travelling to insecure countries, from bombings and vehicle related incidents to high risk kidnaping situations and medical issues.

During these three days, our staff attended theorical instructions and real-life exercises, all related to the following topics:

Threat Risk Assessment and Mitigation

  • First Aid Training 
  • Kidnap and Hostage 
  • Vehicle Safety and Security
  • Landmine and IED’s
  • Weapon Familiarisation
  • Navigation Techniques
  • Radio and Voice Communications
  • Conflict Management

On the last day, the participants had an outdoor real-life exercise to put into practice the theorical instructions learnt during the 2 previous days. The scenario of the outdoor exercise included vehicle and safety security (check point), landmine and IED’s familiarization, first-aid exercise (bandage on 2 people affected by mines), kidnap and hostage exercise (real-life situation). 

Published 04/04/2019

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