Transtec continues to provide its services in the implementation of the European Union External Aid


The European Union framework contracts are horizontal contracts put in place by EuropeAid Cooperation Office to facilitate the implementation of the European Union external aid.

The new generation of EuropeAid framework contracts 'Services for the implementation of external aid 2018' (FWC SIEA 2018), consists of six thematic lots. The contracts  commenced  on 01/06/2018 for an implementation period of 2 years with a probable extension until 2022.

SIEA 2018 FWCs support and advise European Commission (EC) services (Headquarters and EU Delegations) and/or Partner Countries/Organisations along the entire cycle of operations (from design to implementation and evaluation of European Union interventions) by providing technical inputs and by assisting in carrying out analysis, studies and providing opinions and advice.

The objective of these EU FWCs is to provide, via short-term assignments through Specific Contracts, fast-acting technical assistance, which can be mobilised at very short notice.

Within these SIEA 2018 FWC Transtec provides expertise to the following lots: 

  • Lot 1 – Sustainable management of natural resources and resilience
  • Lot 2 – Infrastructure, sustainable growth and jobs
  • Lot 4 – Human Development and safety net
  • Lot 5 – Budget Support
  • Lot 6 – Innovative financing for Development

For a detailed list of sectors covered under each lot we invite you to download the pdf document published on EuropeAid website by clicking here.

Should your professional expertise cover the necessary horizontal aspects combined with SIEA required sector expertise and should you be willing to participate to SIEA 2018 to provide such support and advice, we hereby encourage you to register your profile via our website by clicking here. 


Published on 05/09/2018

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