Transtec in Peru: Technical Assistance in Support of the National Strategy to Fight Drugs

In April 2020, Transtec, in consortium with AGRER and JCI (Justice Coopération Internationale), was awarded the implementation of the EU-funded project “Technical Assistance in Support of the National Strategy to Fight Drugs” in Peru.



The project will consist of technical assistance to the Peruvian institutions responsible for the execution of the National Strategy to Fight Drugs, and related policies. The technical assistance will be provided by a Senior Long-Term Expert/Team Leader and a series of Short-Term Experts. The Team Leader will be in charge of the general management of the project and will identify, in collaboration with the Peruvian authorities, the bottlenecks, needs and type of solutions required. The missions of the short-term experts will be defined according to the needs of the beneficiary institutions.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute, during 32 months, to increasing the effectiveness of the National Strategy to Fight Drugs, and other anti-drug plans in the country, and particularly to strengthen the Peruvian Drugs Observatory, and its information system, through scientific methodologies and the production of information. 

The Project will implement three Results:

  • Result 1: The National Strategy to Fight Drugs, and other anti-drug plans and projects, have updated and quality indicators aimed at analyzing and evaluating the results of public policies.
  • Result 2: The National Strategy to Fight Drugs, and other anti-drug plans and projects, have scientific evidence (studies, diagnoses, investigations) that accounts for the trends of the drug problem and its various impacts in the national territory.
  • Result 3: The SISCOD (the National Information System to Combat Drugs) has validated methodologies and protocols for the registration and analysis of information that contribute to the evaluation of the National Strategy to Fight Drugs by the State sectors.


Through this project, Transtec not only strengthens its presence in Latin America but also widens its experience in the field of fight against drug trafficking in the region. Indeed, Transtec is also currently participating as consortium member to the implementation of the project “Strengthening of institutional capacity in the sectors of integral development with coca, illicit drug trafficking and food security for efficient management of sector budget support” in Bolivia.


Should you be interested in being included in our pool of potential short-term experts for this project, we kindly ask you to register your cv in our database through our website page, mentioning the reference “09648 PERU - Spontaneous Application”. 

We are looking for consultants with the following profile: 

  • Fluent in Spanish (both written and spoken) – compulsory. 
  • Previous work experience (either in Junior or Senior Category) in any of the following fields: fight against drug trafficking - institutional strengthening (including training and training needs analysis) in drug-related fields - public policy in drug-related fields - monitoring & evaluation including development of indicators; research on issues related to the fight against drugs; etc.
  • Previous working experience in Latin America/Peru (additional asset)



Published on 11th June 2020

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