Transtec strengthening EU support to conflict mediation parties worldwide


Transtec is undertaking a new project in the field of conflict prevention and management processes. A Transtec-led consortium was awarded by the EU in November 2013 the service contract for the 'ERMES' project. 'ERMES' stands for 'European resources for mediation support'.

Transtec consortium partners are 5 organisations specialising in conflict mediation: CMI - Crisis Management Initiative Martti Ahtisaari Centre (Finland), HD Centre - Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue Mediation for Peace (Switzerland), ACCORD - Africa Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (South Africa), SFCG - Search for Common Ground (Belgium), and IA- International Alert (United Kingdom).

The project aims at facilitating EU support to third parties engaged in inclusive peace mediation and dialogue processes at the international, regional or local levels, by inter alia providing technical assistance and training, and organising meetings and seminars to facilitate conditions conducive to conflict resolution. Such third parties include international and regional organisations, individual countries, groups of countries and international non-governmental organisations engaged in mediation, as well as all levels of stakeholders in beneficiary countries, ranging from national institutions to grassroots level groupings and non-State actors.

The T.A. service will identify the relevant expertise and/or experts on mediation and dialogue to support third parties engaged in mediation and dialogue processes, including the deployment of experts to the field, drafting of research papers, and provision of training and coaching of individuals and/or groups.

The experts will be of senior/high-level experts with experience in the area of international peace mediation and dialogue, including on thematic issues in mediation such as mediation process design, security issues (e.g. ceasefires, disarmament, demobilisation, and reintegration, security sector reform), transitional justice, constitution-making, power-sharing, gender, natural resources, wealth-sharing, civic dialogue and public outreach.

The T.A. service will organise and facilitate the logistics of organising events linked to third party engagement in mediation, including meetings at the international (e.g. coordination meetings of international sponsors of a mediation process), national (e.g. planning meetings for a national dialogue) and local levels (e.g. meetings of women's groups to provide input to a mediation process, local communities involved or affected by conflicts, etc.).

The project will be based in Brussels, in the neighbourhood of the EU institutions, and will last for 2 years. The project team will comprise 2 long-term experts and a full-time Project Assistant. The project action will also include 550 days of short-term expertise supporting the various activities mentioned in the above paragraph.

Published  on 21/12/2013

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