Transtec Data Protection Policy and Terms of Use

Transtec is a leading European development consulting firm dedicated to delivering technical cooperation services for public, private and third sector organisations in emerging economies. We provide services to  a multitude of bilateral and multilateral clients/donors in the  development cooperation sector, whether as a separate entity or  in consortia with other partners. We participate in biding to and delivering service contracts in the sector. 

Privacy Statement

This privacy statement was last modified on the 23rd of May 2018 and is effective immediately.

Transtec s.a.  is committed to protecting the privacy of its users and strives to provide a safe, secure user experience. The information we provide in this document is designed to help you understand how we use your information and the choices you have for protecting it.


  • For the sole purpose of its above-listed activities Transtec keeps a database of experts;
  • The purpose of our database is to inform and propose to registered experts on available cooperation opportunities corresponding to their field of professional activity; 
  • The information that you provide serves our internal purposes only: it will be used for identifying possible candidates for our offers and/or projects. Your CV will not be included in any of our offers/proposals/letters of interest without your prior consent;
  • Should an expert be contracted for an ongoing project or for the preparation of a tender, the CV of the expert with the information it contains will be shared among the concerned parties for the unique purpose of the mission / tender / contract. 

Consent to keep your data or the right to be forgotten: 

  • Unless you explicitly request the removal of your registration from our database by sending an email to , your data will be kept in our records as long as it is regularly updated. We send periodic emails reminding our experts to update their profile;
  • Deletion requests of all personal information will be processed within 30 days from the initial request; 
  • Should your data in our database of experts be outdated and is older than 15 years, we will erase your record from our database. The duration of keeping outdated data will be revised with time; 
  • Information on experts contracted by Transtec or its partners for an assignment will remain in our records for legal and fiscal purposes as per the Belgian Law and for audit purposes as per the procedures of our Clients.  

Communicating your data to third parties: 

  • The information you provide will not be transmitted to third parties unless you previously authorise us to do so on a case by case basis, and for the unique purpose of proposing you missions and projects;
  • Third parties in this context might include one of our Clients (World Bank, European Union, United Nations, French Development Agency, UK Department for International Development (DFID) , Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), European Investment Bank, Global Affairs Canada, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, etc) or the Transtec-Civipol group, or one of our consortium partners and this in the unique purpose and process of bidding or implementing projects in the context of service contracts in the development cooperation sector; 
  • Newsletter: at Transtec we use Mailchimp to reach out to our experts on news and opportunities available at Transtec. Should you wish to opt out you could either unsubscribe via your profile online on Transtec  website, or by opting out via Mailchimp when receiving the link in our newsletter. Information that passes via Mailchimp for the purpose of our mailing is restricted to the following: email, first name and last name, gender and language (English or French). Mailchimp is also subject to GDPR. 


  • The information you provide is saved internally on Transtec servers. It is protected by the same security parameters as our entire information system and is strictly by no means published on the WWW;
  • Our website does not collect cookies;
  • Data that gets in and out of our system in encrypted. 


Right to access your data: 

  • Via our online platform (accessible in English, French and Spanish) you can review your data at any time;
  • You will have access to the information you registered in your profile online and you will be able to correct any mistake or to suggest any modification at any time.


Privacy Policy Changes

Transtec is committed to ensuring the most secure and private operating environment for all users. We will inform you when amendments or revisions of our privacy policy take place so that you will always know what information we gather, how we might use that information, and how we protect you and your privacy.


How to contact us? 

If you have any additional question regarding the protection of your personal data and your rights relating to this data, do not hesitate to contact our Human Talents Department responsible for our Privacy Policy 


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Minimum profile requirements 

As you can see from our web site, Transtec's activities are mainly related to internationally funded development programmes. For this reason, we are especially interested in candidates that meet all the following criteria:

  • At least three years of professional experience in development projects funded by international organisations, or a strong and high-level sector experience (managerial or consulting, preferably international);
  • Strong motivation and interest in working in developing countries, and/or in countries that are beneficiaries of major funding agencies' aid programmes;
  • Fluency in at least one of the following languages: English, French or Spanish.

We are especially interested in candidates who have proven experience in the development cooperation sector, whether nationals from EU member states, or from member states of the World Bank, United Nations, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, etc. 

 Online registration policy 

  • All the information that you submit will be handled with the strictest confidentiality;
  • We invite you to take note of the minimum profile requirements before starting to fill in the application form;
  • You will first be asked to provide an e-mail address and a password enabling you to access the on-line application form. After a few minutes, we will send you a personal key by e-mail. In combination with the password, this key will give you a secured on-line access to the form;
  • After you send your application form with your CV, your data will be reviewed by our human talents department based on the uploaded CV provided and as part of our quality control process before validating the information; 
  • The registered person will be informed by e-mail, in the shortest delay, whether their CV has been included in Transtec roster or not. If the profile and CV have been included, in future you will have access to the information that has been submitted and you will be able to update this information at any time online via ;
  • You will have access to tour data online via the profile you have created;
  • No application form will be accepted without an attached CV. The CV must be in an editable file such as Microsoft Office  Word (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) format, preferably using the templates of one of the major funding agencies (EU, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, etc.).You can access the EU templates by clicking the following links: EnglishFrenchSpanish ;
  • IMPORTANT: by encoding your profile into our database you accept to be informed on available cooperation opportunities and assignments. The job opportunities that we can offer are temporary (ranging from a few weeks to several years), part of studies and projects, and most of the time located in a beneficiary country of an international donor's aid programme. 


Update policy 

  • You are requested to regularly update your CV and data whenever there is a significant change in the information you provided previously (contact details, countries of experience, new assignments, etc.);
  • However, if these new assignments are short-term assignments, we would ask you to update your CV only every 6 months - unless these assignments result in an important added-value to your data (new countries, new sectors, new types of service, etc.);
  • When you update your records, we will only review the latest assignments encoded since your last update.


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