Transtec's employment policy - The value of human capital

Human resources are one of our main assets. So the development of individuals is of central and overwhelming importance in our value system. To meet the selected goals, we support and encourage our collaborators in a climate of equal opportunity to:

  • improve their skills
  • take initiatives
  • carry out their tasks with rigorous accuracy, care and organisation so as to find pragmatic and efficient solutions in their action
  • take responsibility
  • collaborate loyally with their colleagues
  • maintain team spirit
  • assert their passion for our occupation.

To meet the permanent challenges of a constantly changing world and to improve our business environment, we encourage each other and those around us not to rest on their laurels.

One of Transtec's great strengths is the diversity of our collaborators. We work and collaborate with people of different backgrounds, religious beliefs, ages and cultures. We are deeply committed to treating each other with dignity, respect and understanding.

Everybody contributes to create and maintain an open and positive environnement at work where differences are respected and where everyones' contributions are aknowledged.